MAX FILM , The Ultimate Film Disc The special backing film, together with high performance grain and bonding enable an outstanding Cutting Power and Untra Uniform Finishes in one time! You can count on an overridding durability with its unique anti-clogging treatment. Kovax MAX FILM Super Tack Disc provides you an unforgettable sanding eaperience.There's no reason to get back to a conventional paper disc!
-Predominant Cutting Power
-Incomparable Durability
-Extremely Uniform Finish due to flat and smooth backing film
-Time & Labor Saving with less Sanding Processes
-Applicable also for Wet Sanding (Dry or Wet)

Size Code Hole type Avalaible Grit Part No. Applicable for
6" (125mm dia.) POMMAX-ST P-0 (without hole) P100, P120, P150, P180, P220, P240, P320, P400 & P500 512- Kovax D/A Sander KD-101 & KD-104
P-3 (with 7 holes) 513- Kovax D/A Sander KD-101D & KD-104D
6" (152mm dia.) P-0 (without hole) 520- Kovax D/A Sander KD-102
P-8 (with 7 holes) 521- Kovax D/A Sander KD-102D
P-7 (with 9 holes) 522-