MAXCUT SUPER-TACK Paper KNA3-ST Imagine the cutting power like a coarser grit, but the finish of a finer grit ! MAXCUT Super Tack Paper outperforms other products in the market. The most advanced coating technology that utilizes stone grouping and uniform grit layout with Laser Precision enables MAXCUT's eminent performance with far superior cutting power and paper life while maintaining an uniform finish.
-Extremely Fast Cutting
-High Resistant to Clogging
-Uniform Finish
-Extra Long Paper Life

Size Code Hole type Available Grit Part No. Applicable to
3"(75mm dia.) KNA3-ST P-0 (without hole) P50, P60, P80, P120 & P180 532- Kovax Mini D/A Sander KD-501
5"(125mm dia.) KNA3-ST P-0 (without hole) 552- Kovax D/A Sander KD-101
6"(152mm dia.) KNA3-ST P-0 (without hole) 562- Kovax D/A Sander KD-102
KNA3-ST P-8(with 7 holes) 563- Kovax D/A Sander KD-102D
KNA3-ST P-7(with 9 holes) 564-
8"(203mm dia.) KNA3-ST P-0 (without hole) 582- S/A, D/A Sander etc.
KNA3-ST P-1(with holes) 583-
Delta KNA3-ST P-1(with holes) 793- Iron Sander
2 3/4" x 16 1/2" (70mm x 419mm) KNA3-ST P-0 (without hole) 749- Longboard File etc.
KNA3-ST P-1(with holes) 799-