STICKON DISC ROLL GCLMM-DR/GCSMM-DR/GDSMM-DR Kovax new STICKON DISC ROLLS GCLMM-DR/GCSMM-DR/GDSMM-DR utilize special flexible bonding technology that will effectively reduce scratches and increase cutting power. These high performance disc
-Enhanced Initial Cutting Power Extra Long Paper Life
-with Tough Backing and Anti-Clogging Agent
-Superb Finish

Size Code Hole type Available Grit Part No. Applicable for
5"(125mm dia.) GDSMM-ST (P40-P100) GCSMM-ST (P120-P220) GCLMM-ST (P240-P400) P-0 (without hole) P80, P100, P120, P150, P180, P220, P240, P320 & P400 866- Kovax D/A Sander KD-101
P-3 (with 7 holes) TBA Kovax D/A Sander KD-101D
6"(152mm dia.) P-0 (without hole) 867- Kovax D/A Sander KD-102
P-4 (with 7 holes) 865- Kovax D/A Sander KD-102D