SUPER TACK Disc POMM-ST A PERFECT TOPCOAT DRY SANDING DISC that combines the most uniform finishes and the fastest cutting speed ever.
Enjoy the effortless work with Yellow-Film Super Tack Disc ! Made with the highest quality and most uniform abrasive minerals, Yellow-Film Super Tack Discs cut extremely fast and leave a finish that easily polishes to a showroom shine. High performance discs are clog free and long lasting.
-Remove Orange Peel, Nibs and Runs
-Ideal for Light Scuffing before Painting
-Fast Cutting, Longer Disc Life
-Flexible Film Backing
-Uniform Finish
-Available also for High Solid Clear

Size Code Hole type Available Grit Part No. Applicable to
3"(75mm dia.) POMM-ST P-0 (without hole) P800 & P1500 730- Kovax Mini D/A Sander KD-501
5"(125mm dia.) POMM-ST P-0 (without hole) P800, P1000, P1200 & P1500 554- Kovax D/A Sander KD-101
6"(152mm dia.) POMM-ST P-0 (without hole) 778- Kovax D/A Sander KD-102
POMM-ST P-8(with 7 holes) 779- Kovax D/A Sander KD-102D
POMM-ST P-7(with 9 holes) 765-

Exclusive Interface Pads

Item Size Pcs. per Carton Part No. Remarks
Interface Pad (without hole) 6" (146mm dia.) 100 9710028 2 pcs. per box
Interface Pad (with multi holes) 6" (146mm dia.) 100 9710027 2 pcs. per box
Cushion Pads (without hole) 3" (73mm dia.) 144 9717502 4 pcs. per box