Tolex, a breakthrough in both micro-finishing sanding and dry lubrication process technology, results in a system that allows true topcoat sanding without the use of water. Thanks to the blocking effect of the Tolex pad, dust and nibs can now be located and removed faster than ever. With speed like dry sanding and finishes like wet, Tolex scratches are extremely uniform and shallow, they can be easily removed by light compounding or with our Buflex system. If you are concerned with your topcoat finishing but prefer not to wet sand, the perfect system is finally here!
- Achieve Total Dry Sanding Process
- Extremely Uniform Finish
- Speed Up Sanding Time
- Minimum Clogging, Longer Life
- Recommendable also for the finishing of quality furnitures

Tolex System(Stickon)

Item Part No. Size Pcs. per Carton
Tolex Sheets 1911503 70mm x 114mm 750
Tolex Discs 1921503 6"(150mm) dia. 1500
Tolex Pad 9710016 67mm x 110mm 40 sets (2 pcs./set)
Tolex Pad Disc 9710017 6"(150mm) dia. 50 sets (2 pcs./set)

Tolex Super Tack Discs

Item Part No. Size Pcs. per Carton
Tolex Mini Super Tack Disc 7301502 3" (75mm) dia. 1800
Tolex Super Tack Disc 1931503 6"(152mm) dia. 1000
6" Interface Pad Yellow 9710028 146mm dia. 100